Medeco Lock: Everything You Don’t Know But Should

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We often get questions about different types of lock brands like Medeco. So we decided to write about them. Read more to find out if Medeco is right for you.

Brief history of medeco locks:

Medeco was founded as "Mechanical Development Company," a small tool and die shop in Salem, Virginia with the invention of a unique locking principal using angled key cuts and the elevation and rotation of special pin tumblers to provide millions of different key combinations.

Can You Make Copies Of Medeco Keys?

The short answer is yes, but it's not really that simple.

Medeco keys are one of the most secure types of locks in the world. They were invented by a company called Medeco Security Products and have been used for years by businesses, governments, and other organizations who need to keep their documents and valuables safe from theft.

They're also very difficult to copy—which means that if you're trying to get into a Medeco lock with a key that you've made yourself, you're probably going to fail.

There are two types of Medeco locks: electronic and mechanical. The electronic version uses a combination of microprocessors and encryption algorithms to generate the key code; this is why it's so hard to copy or duplicate an electronic key.

The mechanical version uses pins inside the cylinder mechanism which move up and down as you rotate them—and these pins can be copied fairly easily using a process called "pinning."

The pins themselves can't be duplicated without access to the original lock cylinder; however, once they've been copied they replace all other pins in the cylinder mechanism and create an identical shape when inserted into the lock's chamber (or "keyway").


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Can A Medeco Lock Be Picked?

While Medeco locks are well-known for their security, they are not immune to picking. Picking a Medeco lock is a multi-step process that requires some practice and skill.

The first step in picking a Medeco lock is determining which type of key you have. If you have a standard Medeco key, then you'll need to use the "jumping" technique.

This involves inserting a pick into the keyway in such a way that it will hit each pin individually (one at a time), causing them to jump up into the shear line and open the lock.

If you have an "improved" Medeco key (with the extra notch), then you can use one of two techniques: bumping or raking.

Bumping involves inserting your pick into the keyway and tapping it against each pin with enough force to push them up into the shear line; raking involves inserting your pick and sliding it back and forth across each pin until all of them are pushed up into the shear line.


Does Medeco Make Door Knobs?

Yes, Medeco does make door knobs.

Medeco is a lock manufacturer that has been around since the early 20th century. They specialize in locks for commercial and residential property, as well as for vehicles and other applications.

They offer a variety of products, including cylinders, deadbolts, mortise locks, and more. They also sell accessories like door closers and door handles.

Their products are made so that they can be used in any residential or commercial setting.


Medeco Competitors:

- Block and Company

-Master Lock



Is Medeco Lock Considered A High Security Lock?

The Medeco lock is considered a high security lock. It has been developed by Medeco Security Locks, Inc., and it has been around since 1974. The Medeco lock is one of the most popular locks in the world because it has many different features that make it a great choice for any business or home owner.

The Medeco lock has many features that set it apart from other locks on the market today. This includes its patented keyway design, which makes it impossible to pick or force open without the correct key.

Medeco lock also has a unique locking mechanism that uses pins instead of tumblers like most other locks do which makes it harder for thieves to break into your home or business without damaging the door frame.

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